Frequent Furnace Cycling: What Should You Do?

If your furnace turns or cycles off within a few seconds of coming on, have an HVAC contractor check the appliance for short cycling. Furnaces that shut down soon after are considered overactive. Overactive furnaces can heat up and burn out quickly over time. In some cases, a short cycling furnace can completely stop working. Learn why your furnace switches off and on so quickly and what you can do about it below. [Read More]

The 3 Best Heating Choices For A Small Home

If you are building a small home this summer, you want to make sure you install a heating system that will effectively keep your home warm without costing you too much in energy costs. When it comes to heating a small home, you are going to want to use an energy-efficient heating source. Choice #1: Mini-Split Heat Pump One of the best choices for a small home is a mini-split heat pump. [Read More]

Problems That May Indicate Your Furnace Needs To Be Repaired

As the temperatures cool off, you will rely more on your heating system to keep you and your home warm and cozy. However, because you are using your furnace more frequently, you may run into some problems. If these problems are not taken care of, they can become much larger issues. Keep reading to learn some of the more common furnace problems that may lead to the need for furnace repair. [Read More]

5 Tips To Follow When Getting A Furnace Installed

When a furnace reaches the end of its life, it will be time for you to consider investing in a new system. Furnaces cost a good bit of money, but they can keep your home comfortable for many years. A professional HVAC company can help you choose the perfect furnace for your home, and they can also handle the installation. Keep reading for some helpful tips to follow when getting your furnace installed. [Read More]