2 Possible Reasons Why Your Gas Furnace's Pilot Keeps Going Out

Lately, it may seem that every time you turn around, your furnace is not turning on because your pilot light keeps going out. Even if you repeatedly relight it, it does not take long for the flame to die down. If so, there are a couple of possible reasons why your gas furnace's pilot light keeps going out. 1.  Top of the Thermocouple Is Covered in Dirt and Soot One possible reason why your gas furnace's pilot light keeps going out is that the top of the thermocouple is being blocked by a layer of dirt and soot. [Read More]

Keep Your Office AC Working

If you don't have air conditioning in your office then your employees may have a problem working as efficiently on days when it is very hot. However, if this is the normal working conditions they are used to working under, then getting air conditioning put in would be a huge bonus they would appreciate. However, if your AC goes out and you don't pay for repairs, then you can see a whole other side to your employees that you won't like. [Read More]

3 Steps To Get Your Heater Ready for Winter

Before the weather gets too cold, make sure your heater is in good shape. Inspecting your system's components, checking for any signs of trouble, and having your heater professionally serviced will help ensure your heater can keep your home warm all winter long. Check Air Filter and Ducts Your home's air ducts are one of the most important components of your heating system. When properly maintained, it will make sure that your home gets plenty of warm and clean air. [Read More]

Frequent Furnace Cycling: What Should You Do?

If your furnace turns or cycles off within a few seconds of coming on, have an HVAC contractor check the appliance for short cycling. Furnaces that shut down soon after are considered overactive. Overactive furnaces can heat up and burn out quickly over time. In some cases, a short cycling furnace can completely stop working. Learn why your furnace switches off and on so quickly and what you can do about it below. [Read More]